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 yellowtopk 4 staff

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PostSubject: yellowtopk 4 staff   yellowtopk 4 staff EmptyThu Jun 28, 2012 3:23 am

1) in game name yellowtopk

2) why you think you deserve staff well im working on NEW WEBSITE
For the server so yea and ima be very active already making the website right now tbh and it looks nice so far.

3) how you've helped out making a website. and i can always make video's

4) what will you do as staff help other's with there problem's making video's for the server give great idea's

5) previous experiences as staff: Hmmm ive bin staff on many server's before most of em shutdown or i left due to just moving or something but not moving ever again so were good about that so yea and ive bin staff i know how to run the job and how to work with the players i have a low temper so it takes ussaly alot to get me pissed

6) how long youve played about 1 - 2 hours i think..

7) anything else you feel is important
Hmm not really good luck to who ever gets it Smile
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yellowtopk 4 staff
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