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alex da best

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PostSubject: Rules: VERY IMPORTANT READ NOW.   Wed Jun 27, 2012 10:34 pm

Not in any specific order

1) no excessive flaming
2) no excessive use of offensive language (you can curse, but dont just keep cursing for the hell oh it, you retarded fucking shit bags.)
3) no password scamming
4) no item scamming
5) no bug abuse (if you find a bug report it to anthony and I ASAP)
6) duping of any kind will not be tolerated
7) if you have a big dice match take a video or a screen shot of it to avoid getting scamed
Cool that is it for the rules, if something that you think is wrong that is not on here, please contact anthony or myself and we will take care of it. but if you think something is wrong DONT DO IT.)
9) have FUN.
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