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 Berserker Necklace [Freezes client]

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Berserker Necklace [Freezes client] Empty
PostSubject: Berserker Necklace [Freezes client]   Berserker Necklace [Freezes client] EmptyFri Jun 29, 2012 2:51 am

When you go and talk to the Silver Merchant at home (North-East) and click on the item 'Berserker Necklace', it'll make your client freeze.
Now I made sure that it wasn't just a coincidence that right when I clicked it then the client froze, so I reloaded it and tried again and sure enough the client froze again when I clicked on that item. Now as you freeze, it even says in the description "null" about 5 times.
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Berserker Necklace [Freezes client]
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