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 Nate's admin or mod application!

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Nate xd

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Nate's admin or mod application! Empty
PostSubject: Nate's admin or mod application!   Nate's admin or mod application! EmptyThu Jun 28, 2012 11:35 pm

1) in game name: Nate

2) why you think you deserve staff: i think i deserve staff, because i am a mature, responsible person that will do the best he can for the server. i have a great sense of humor! i make pepole laugh and enjoy their stay.

3) how you've helped out: i've helped out by advertising the server, and helping new players Smile

4) what will you do as staff: as staff i will be very aware of peoples actions and be very friendly to new comers. i will advertise the server on many sites to get as much people on the server. i will also help new comers enjoy their stay and to continue to be friendly to all players.

5) previous experiences as staff:i have been an admin 3 times, mod once, and co owner once.

6) how long youve played: i've been playing for a while.

7) anything else you feel is important: nothing really, but im glad that you read my application. i hope for the best to come Wink
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Nate's admin or mod application!
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