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 Keinen Moderator Application

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Keinen Moderator Application Empty
PostSubject: Keinen Moderator Application   Keinen Moderator Application EmptyThu Jun 28, 2012 5:58 pm

Subject: STAFF APP TEMPLATE (MUST USE) Today at 7:03 am

1) in game name: Keinen

2) why you think you deserve staff: I feel that i would be a good moderator for the fact i am very helpful, Loyal And trustworthy. I have have tons of experience as staff hell i have even owned my own server at one point. i am able to code and i have a great sense of humor, I am fair not bias and my point of view on a subject will be with great caution as i do understand that would be my job as a moderator. I am very helpful and i am able to answer any question Server / Chat wise i am very active and i have shown it. I am a great person to be around and can always help to get the job done. The reason i want moderator most of all, Is that fact i get more responsibility and i am able to help just that bit more to keep Hacker's Botter's and just plain idiots out of the server, I Will keep an eye out 24/7 for any suspicious things i see the players doing and will ether do something about it or report to a staff that is a higher rank then i would be,

3) how you've helped out: i haven't really helped out as such, cause i'm only new to the server :p, but i'm going to make it my duty to help towards the server development

4) what will you do as staff: "2)" explains what i would do to help as moderator

5) previous experiences as staff: i have been ranked in 500+ server's many times, been an ex-moderator of rsw chatbox, also i have been an head moderator for "Orbit Pkerz"

6) how long youve played: since early 2011, i have been playing rsps, but only started today:)

7) anything else you feel is important: yehh i'm sexy, n thanks for reading my application

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Keinen Moderator Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Keinen Moderator Application   Keinen Moderator Application EmptyThu Jun 28, 2012 6:35 pm

Good luck i guess. also try out server first before u apply mate drunken

also you already got muted for calling a staff member a "faggot" and disrecpeting players but
anyway good luck sunny
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Keinen Moderator Application
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